Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1971:

Pic-a-Pop, a small, local soda pop manufacturer was born. The popularity of the product quickly grew and bottles of Pic-a-Pop began flying off store shelves. Soon, Pic-a-Pop was offering over twenty delicious flavours. Word spread west and so did the company, opening bottling plants in Moose Jaw, Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

We take quality control seriously!Pic-a-Pop customer parking only.  All others will be towed!Counting inventory is a nightmare!Every home needs a Pic-a-Pop fountain!It all started right here in Winnipeg, MB.Which pop will you pic?

The expansion continued into the United States and bottling facilities were added in Minnesota, Texas and Hawaii. Pic-a-Pop celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1996 but soon after, somehow vanished... until now!

It's a party on wheels!It's exhausting trying to keep up with demand!Our customers make it all worthwhile!

We at Pic-a-Pop thought, after nearly a decade, the time had come to reintroduce this fine product to our little corner of the world. Pic-a-Pop is once again a small, local soda pop manufacturer. We currently offer nine delicious flavours and we still believe soda pop tastes best out of a glass bottle, so that's how we make it. So treat yourself today. Pop the top off a frosty Pic-A-Pop and taste the memories!

The Pic-a-Pop shop in Texas.Mr. Pic-a-Pop - our knight in shining armour!Got a Pic-a-Pop photo?  <a href="/contact/">Send it our way today!</a>